Music Playlist, Upcoming Projects, And Features By CMill$

  1. Bitch When I Get My Ride CMILL$ 4:09
  2. Freaky Hoes CMILL$ 3:33
  3. All The Real Niggas CMill$ 2:29
  4. Couple Dollars I Can Borrow CMILL$ 3:50
  5. Going Thru Shyt CMILL$ 3:00
  6. Head Bobbing CMILL$ Promo CD 2:09
  7. Hustle CMILL$ 3:30
  8. I Took A Loss CMILL$ 3:03
  9. Jacking CMILL$ 3:55
  10. Around Me Ready ft CMILL$ 3:34
  11. When I Get Money CMILL$ 3:55
  12. This Is My Town SOLO FT CMILL$ 4:38
  13. She Looking For A Rider CMILL$ 2:56

More From CMill$

Much more music is on the way, so be on the look out! New projects slated for release include:

  • How I’m Feeling, mixtape vol. 1 -March 15,2017
    Listen Now!
  • Underground Hits Vol.2

Mill$ Monday

Cmill Will drop a new track every other Monday…Check back every week for new heat!

Mill$ Monday

Music featuring CMill$

In addition to new projects slated for release, several artists’ projects feature CMill$. He has featured on tracks by Zac B, Linberg Ready Ross, Bill Martell, King Luttris, GHON Dough, Boss Fetti, as well as CT just to name a few.

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