About Cmill$ And The Feel My Pain Movement


About CMill$

About Cmills

Cmill$, also known as Milwaukee’s Mr. Feel My Pain is a MC and Milwaukee native. He began his journey as a MC in 2008. This is when he began to hone his lyrical skills, and develop his marketing plan for his music and  movement. He began performing and releasing material in 2011. Since then, he has voiced his personal struggles, and the struggles of his community,in several of his songs. The result is a combination of heartfelt and gritty content that pulls no punches and hides no emotions.

Cmill$ has collaborated with numerous artist from the city of Milwaukee. As a result, he has led the way in the collaborations that have taken place in Milwaukee in recent years. He has performed at The Rave, 618, Onyx, Uptowner’s Sunday Night Open Mic and other Milwaukee night life hot spots. He is a regular performer at the SMASH local hip hop concert series. Also, he has opened for artists such as Juicy J and Project Pat, founding members of Three 6 Mafia, and Tech N9ne.

CMill$ is a diverse artist who is constantly evolving, yet remains humble, and true to his Milwaukee roots and craft. He wants listeners of his music and followers of the “Feel My Pain” movement to learn from his struggles, and the struggles that he has observed while growing up on the north side of Milwaukee. His lyrics often depict these struggles.


Underground Hits

Cmill$ first mix tape release. This project was a collection of tracks by various Milwaukee-based artists; he appeared as the featured artist on each track. With this release, he again showed that he is willing to collaborate with anyone who is willing to put in the work.

Real Talk Vol. 1

He released his full length original album “Real Talk Vol. 1” In 2014, and released a video for the popular single “Real N*ggas”.

How I’m Feeling Vol.1

Cmill$’ first solo mixtape,released spring of 2017. It features the popular single “Respect”.

Feel My Pain

CMill$ established the “Feel My Pain” movement as a creative outlet for his feelings and interest in sharing his struggles. The “Feel My Pain” movement has expanded into a merchandise line. His line includes tank tops, as well as t-shirts. In time, he will expand this into a full clothing line. Under the “Feel My Pain” moniker, he has also been very active in his community. This includes organizing food drives, neighborhood cleanups, and stop the violence rallies.

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